Fall DIS Student Makes an Impact on Local Danish School

Fall DIS Student Makes an Impact on Local Danish School

Fall 2014 DIS Child Development & Diversity student, Kaeli Peach, was featured in a local Danish newspaper.

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The article, written in Danish, praises Kaeli’s role as a language assistant teacher at Taarbæk Skole, where she taught in the English language class to children in the fourth and sixth grade. Kaeli was placed at Taarbæk Skole through her Child Development & Diversity practicum, a co-requisite to her core course, Children in a Multicultural Context. Students in the practicum course are placed in schools throughout the greater Copenhagen area, where they get to first-hand experience the Danish schooling system, and are able to take part in teaching the curriculum.

Dorte Loftager, the English teacher who Kaeli accompanied every Thursday, praised Kaeli for her teaching style and ability to connect with the children. When asked about her perspective of having an American teaching assistant, Dorte pointed out the positivity in having a native English speaker (quote originally in Danish):

“The students get to speak authentic English. Kaeli can’t just switch to Danish. They are forced to answer in English. Some of the students go a level up when they express themselves. They dare more, when it is Kaeli (teaching). When I teach, it’s unnatural, since we could easily just speak Danish.”

In addition to teaching English language, Kaeli also shared her American culture by discussing traditions such as Thanksgiving and Christmas, and what daily life looks like at an American school. Answering in English, her students were excited to share their Danish conventions and traditions.

After the fall semester, Taarbæk Skole was ecstatic to continue working with DIS, and another student now is placed there from the Child Development & Diversity program.

Find the article here.

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