The Anders Uhrskov Leadership Scholarship Award Presented for the First Time

The Anders Uhrskov Leadership Scholarship Award Presented for the First Time

The scholarship was awarded to Jane Pak, a psychology major from Wellesley College.

Out of a long list of applicants, Jane was chosen for the many initiatives she has taken in her college career, and her wish to shape herself into a more conscientious global being. She received a total of $10,000 toward her DIS tuition.

Anders Uhrskov, as the Director of DIS for 27 years, was dedicated to developing global leaders through international education. The Anders Uhrskov Leadership scholarship was established to award students who have demonstrated leadership on their college campuses, and are dedicated to enhancing and building upon their global leadership and critical thinking skills while studying at DIS.

Jane has achieved many accomplishments and has been involved in numerous movements for change. At Wellesley College, Jane works at the Center for Work and Services as manager of the On-Campus Recruiting Team, acting as a liaison between students and companies interested in recruiting Wellesley students for hire. Last summer, Jane was honored by Wellesley College with the Global Engagement Internship Grant, permitting her to work as an intern at the Women’s Foundation of California in San Francisco in their mission to gain economic security for women. During spring break in 2014, Jane led a group of women to the Mid-Atlantic Border Collie Rescue, where the team worked on improving the facilities for abused, abandoned, and homeless border collies. Additionally, Jane is the Marketing Director of the Boston chapter of Kollaboration, a non-profit organization that works to empower communities through the arts in which Asian Americans are under-represented.

In her studies, Jane’s main academic interest lies in mental health within the field of psychology. She spent a year as a research assistant at Harvard University’s John Weisz’s Youth Mental Health Lab, and following her research, she assisted a professor at Wellesley in compiling a national database of resources for Asian Americans in psychology and outreach materials.

At DIS, Jane is a student in the Psychology program, and views her study abroad experience as a step in becoming a citizen of the world and a leader on a global scale. During her semester here, she wants to explore innovative and diverse ways to share her own stories, to create the best possible experiences for herself and others, and to discover something bigger and grander than what she already knows.

As a DIS Student Blogger, Jane reflected on her study abroad journey thus far, noting that the semester has brought an “experience of a lifetime.” Read her full blog post here. And since arriving at DIS, Jane and Anders have been able to meet and discuss her semester here as a DIS student.

Congratulations to Jane!

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