DIS Student Has Article Published by Copenhagen Newspaper

DIS Student Has Article Published by Copenhagen Newspaper

When tragedy struck Copenhagen earlier this week, Kylie knew she had a unique perspective as a full-year student abroad here in Copenhagen and avid admirer of the Danish culture.

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Kylie Mohr, studying with DIS from Georgetown University, wrote an article that was published by Copenhagen’s English newspaper, the Copenhagen Post. The article, How close-knit Denmark is responding to the Copenhagen shootings, explored Kylie’s perspective as an American student struck by the lack of fear she found in Copenhagen’s citizens in the aftermath of Copenhagen’s recent terrorist attack.

Encouraged to write the article by her Creative Travel Writing teacher, Lisa Abend, Kylie started working on the piece. Kylie says of the experience, “While my Danish skills aren’t quite at the level of Politiken or Jyllands-Posten, I knew I wanted my piece to be published in Copenhagen, so I pitched my idea to Copenhagen Post editor, Ben Hamilton. I started interviewing anyone she could find and took pictures at the memorial. Then came the hard part — actually writing the piece!

I’ve always loved talking to people and documenting stories, but I didn’t know I wanted to be a journalist until I got to Georgetown. As soon as I started taking digital media classes and working for the school paper, both as a columnist and news staff writer, I was hooked! Even though I loved the intense, fast-paced atmosphere as an intern at CNN last summer, long-form journalism that digs deep into politics and people has really sparked my curiosity. At this point, my dream job would be the producer of documentaries that cover social and environmental issues, as well as unique places and people.”

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