DIS Faculty Member Collaborates with World Renowned Psychologist

DIS Faculty Member Collaborates with World Renowned Psychologist

DIS Psychology faculty member, Anna Sircova, has recently contributed to a new publication based on research of time perspective in psychology.

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As part of the International Research Network on Time Perspective, Anna Sircova has worked with a group of 103 authors across 27 nations. The book, ‘Time Perspective Theory; Review, Research and Application,’ uses an inventory titled ‘Zimbardo’s Time Perspective Inventory (ZTPI),’ created by world-renowned psychologist, Philip Zimbardo. The book focuses on various temporal profiles across the world, and how humans understand and interpret their past, present, and future.

Anna’s first contact with Phillip Zimbardo occurred more than a decade ago, when in 2003 she was interested in using Zimbardo’s Time Perspective Inventory (ZTPI) for a university project, and found that it had not been translated to Russian. She sought out Zimbardo for permission to adapt his work – and so began years of collaboration. Years later in 2007, Anna connected with other time perspective researchers in the field of psychology. After finding their common interest, Anna founded the network. The group has been working in cooperation with Zimbardo ever since, both in person and on Skype, using his work as a reference for their research. He’s an extremely active participant of their biannual conferences, with the first conference held in 2012.

At DIS, Anna teaches the Cross-Cultural Psychology core course. With the recent publication of the book, Anna plans to use some of the findings about temporal profiles in her course this semester, as an example of current and ongoing research in cross-cultural psychology.

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