DIS Faculty Publishes Book about Brain Plasticity

Troels Kjær, Ph.D. and faculty of the Medical Practice & Policy core course, Human Health & Disease: A Clinical Approach, has just published a new book about the fascinating capabilities of the human brain.

DIS DIS Copenhagen Semester

Titled ‘Knivskarp,’ (sharp as a knife) the book takes the reader through an experimental six-week project with famous Danish actor, Mikael Birkkjær, as the subject. Together, Troels and Mikael set out to conclude if and how Mikael’s brain can improve functionality on memory and attention with consistent and simple brain exercises. After just six weeks, Mikael’s final tests showed he had performed higher than ever before in these areas, proving Troels’ original hypothesis to be correct – it takes relatively little effort to improve the brain’s performance.

In this article (in Danish), Troels’ suggests that in just 25 minutes a day, we can improve our brain’s performance similar to how we strengthen our arms or legs. Small tasks such as leaving a grocery list at home or turning off your GPS can force your brain to be dependent upon, and thus, in the long run will work faster to make connections.

Congratulations to Troels in yet another book and successful endeavor!

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