Three Experts to Speak on Sperm Donation

Denmark is home to the world’s largest sperm bank and is a hub for transnational fertility travel. The possibilities offered by reproductive technologies challenge familial structures, making new kinds of kinship feasible.

DIS DIS Copenhagen Semester

Join DIS this evening at Studenterhuset, to debate this interdisciplinary and thought-provoking discussion of sperm donation with three experts in the field. The panelists will represent three different perspectives within the field of sperm donation:

Svend Lindenberg, Professor dr. med., CEO of the Copenhagen Fertility Center
Sebastian Mohr, Ph.D. fellow, Researcher in sperm donation and reproductive technology
Fatima Sabir, Ph.D. fellow, Researcher in modern applied ethics

Given the panelists diverse expertise, the discussion will revolve around three large questions: What is the sperm donation experience like? What are the ethical considerations regarding sperm donation? What is the future of sperm donation in a Danish context?

The Public Health and Gender & Sexuality Studies programs will host this event today, October 15, 2014, at Copenhagen’s student union, Studenterhuset, located five minutes from DIS. The panelists will begin at 18:00, and all DIS students and Copenhageners are encouraged to attend.

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