DIS Students Volunteer at TEDx Copenhagen

Last week, students in the Digital Media in Marketing course ventured to Copenhagen Airport to volunteer at TEDx Copenhagen’s ‘Salon’ event, a dynamic conference featuring presentations from global experts.

DIS DIS Copenhagen Semester

The Salon’s theme revolved around the topic of ‘Mobility,’ a concept that questions the role and improvement of transportation, urban planning, technology, and more. As volunteers, DIS students helped ensure the logistics of the event ran smoothly, with tasks such as keeping the schedule on track, setting up lunch, and guiding attendees.

Students in the Digital Media in Marketing course found particular relevance to this volunteer work. Back at DIS, they currently preparing and promoting their ‘Copenhagen Groove’ event, where local and independent music artists will play for an audience at DIS. DIS volunteer Lauryl Fisher, Elon University, shared her observations from the success of the day at TEDx,

“It was great to see the work that went into creating an event like TEDx… Being in such a creative space, an intersection of so much talent, hard work, and knowledge, was inspiring, just as TEDx aims to be–and everyone contributed to creating that atmosphere, from speakers to guests to the volunteers themselves.”

Being a volunteer had additional perks, as students also had the opportunity to hear the featured speakers. For Akshita Vaidyanathan, Positive Psychology core course student, hearing from Danish creative thinker, Ole Kassow, was one of the day’s highlights, as his presentation ‘Cycling Without Age’ fueled an interdisciplinary connection. Akshita shared,

“It was so inspiring to hear how a short bike ride could increase the spirits of people in nursing homes by such a significant amount. I couldn’t help but think about positive psychology and how something as small as biking or going outside can really help to increase well-being and flourishing in a person.”

Overall, the event was a memorable day for the class, giving them a taste of what it takes to put a dynamic, outside the box event. To see photos of TEDx Copenhagen and hear directly from a student, read Natalia Pfeifer’s blog post all about her volunteering experience!

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