DIS Communication Faculty Releases Interdisciplinary Textbook

Håndbog i konstruktiv journalistik or Handbook of Constructive Journalism has been released this month and is the first textbook of its kind.

DIS DIS Copenhagen Semester

The book was co-authored by Cathrine Gyldensted, a DIS Communication faculty member and journalist. Cathrine is a Master of Science in Applied Positive Psychology, and uses her academic background to give the book a nuanced approach to constructive journalism. The book explores viable ways that news and investigative journalism can be innovative, with findings researched in positive psychology and neuroscience.

The book also presents brand new data, which is derived from media organizations that use constructive journalism. This data reveals the value of stories that add constructive interviewing as well as conclusive solutions, as they are far more engaging and increase shares and comments from news consumers.

The book includes interviews with journalists from Denmark, Sweden, and the U.S., including New York Times Journalist Tina Rosenberg, ESPN’s interview guru, John Sawatsky, Head of Foreign News for Swedish for Sweden’s National Television (SVT), Ingrid Thörnqvist, and Danish photojournalist and World Press Photo winner, Jan Grarup. To read more about Cathrine’s new book, click here.

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