Nineteen Students Awarded for Academic Excellence This Spring

Each semester every academic program recognizes one outstanding student with an award of Academic Excellence.

The award is reserved for a student who, throughout the semester, distinguished him or herself through diligence, commitment, and outstanding academic performance.

Congratulations to the following students, who have been recognized spring semester with Academic Excellence Awards:

Architecture: Quinn Wilcox, University of Vermont

Biomedicine: Adnan Shami Shah, Bates College

Child Development & Diversity: Lorraine Magee, American University

Communication: Matt Klein, Franklin and Marshall College

Environmental Science of the Arctic: Kenna Elizabeth Rewcastle, University of Tennessee

European Humanities: LeeAnn Swager, University of South Carolina

European Politics: Hannah Donovan, Providence College

Global Economics: Brendan Thomas Burke, Fordham University

Graphic Design: David Ellis, Villanova University

Interior Architecture: Haley Haugland, Pratt Institute

International Business: Alexander Francis Acunzo, Providence College

Medical Practice & Policy: Benjamin Tittle, Macalester College

Neuroscience: Casey Goodall, Indiana University

Prostitution & the Sex Trade: Jacqueline Thornton, Princeton University

Psychology: Laura Goodkind, Whittier College, Whittier Scholars

Public Health: Brian Newborn, University of Virginia

Sociology: Rebecca Loftis, Rice University

Urban Design: Ross DeVault, Kansas State University

Urban Studies in Europe: Arabelle Clark, American University

DIS faculty have described these students as dedicated, compassionate, and charismatic members of the classroom, who have illuminated topics at hand by offering critical reflection during their week-long study tours, while in field studies, when meeting guest lecturers, and in the DIS classroom.

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