Business Entrepreneurship Project Students Conclude with Final Pitch Competition

In the final weeks of the spring semester, Business Entrepreneurship Project Students pitched their final product for fellow classmates and a row of local professionals at StartupBootCamp, Europe’s leading accelerator program for startups.

At the start of the spring semester, students were put in teams to invent and develop their own startup idea together – a project that allowed students to consider the current market and think in a large scale. The teams focused on a breadth of industries, such as printing, volunteer, and space renting. To constantly evolve these ideas, students received feedback in the DIS classroom from faculty member Karim Jabbar and from startup companies while on their week-long study tour in Dublin.

At the final pitch event, eight teams presented their business plans and included information regarding the funding needed, how they would implement the idea, the market for the product, and the potential competition the business would meet. The teams were judged based both on the ingenuity of their ideas, as well as how realistic the business plan was. Local professionals on the panel gave constructive feedback on both their presentation style and business plan, which included Lars Buch, MD at StartupBootCamp Mobile, Morten Krarup Kristensen, COO at StartupBootCamp Mobile, and Peder Nedergaard, Professional Board Member and Mentor through StartupBootCamp.

First place of all teams in the Business Entrepreneurship Project was given to Jacob Shimkus, Claremont McKenna College, and Michael Abramson, Macalester College, who pitched ‘CrowdVibe,’ a mobile application that would ‘democratize music selection’ in both public and private venues.

Read about CrowdVibe’s business plan with this brief overview from the pitch winners, Jacob and Michael:

“Searching for a business idea to design and develop at the start of this semester, Jake and I decided we wanted to focus on what we know and what we care about. Passionate music fans ourselves, Jake and I often felt forced to listen to music we don’t enjoy when out at bars or large events. Even when spending time with just a group of friends we saw the need for an easy way to share control over music selection among the group. We saw a problem that is both ubiquitous and solvable, and in the hope of addressing it, CrowdVibe was born.

“As explained by our pitchline, ‘CrowdVibe is a mobile and web application aiming to crowd source music selection, so no matter where you are you always have a say in what you listen to.’ This report will delve much further into the details of the application, but to give a general overview, CrowdVibe allows anyone at a certain location to sign in to an event and either upvote or downvote the songs in a pre-selected playlist, and to suggest any other song they want to hear from within the Spotify universe. Whatever song has the most cumulative upvotes is the next song to play, essentially democratizing music selection so that the audience can choose the music they want to listen to at any given time.”

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