DIS Students Present with Copenhagen’s Research Institutions

This spring semester, the Science Research Practicum was set in motion for the first time, giving ten students the opportunity to pair with Copenhagen-based research institutions to conduct research.

Each student worked 15-20 hours per week with a supervisor to develop research that will contribute to larger ongoing projects at the institution they worked with.

To recognize these students and unveil their work, a Science Research Practicum Poster Symposium was held at DIS last Thursday, May 8.

Students and their supervisors presented their research projects with posters, while DIS staff, faculty, and friends engaged them with questions. Science & Health Program Coordinator and developer of the Science Research Practicum, Stephanie Clemente, made a brief speech to welcome everyone to the practicum’s first symposium, congratulate all the students on a job well done this semester, and thank the supervisors for facilitating such a successful research opportunity for DIS students.

At the conclusion of the symposium, students involved in the practicum had the chance to talk with each other about their research and exchange knowledge.

Congratulations to the following Science Research Practicum students for their hard work and diligence this semester!

Justin Vaverka, Grinnell College, Cardiac CT group, The Heart Centre, CopenHeart, Rigshospitalet

Stephanie Huynh, Smith College, Center for Epidemiology and Screening, Department of Public Health, University of Copenhagen

Laura Goodkind, Whitter College, Clinic of Neurophysiology, The Neuroscience Centre, Rigshospitalet, Copenhagen University Hospital

Kelly Allen, Elon University, Clinical Eye Research Unit, Department of Ophthalmology, Roskilde Hospital & University of Copenhagen

Sheri Li, University of Minnesota, Department of Cardiology, Hvidovre Hospital

Benjamin Tittle, Macalester College, Department of Cardiology, Hvidovre Hospital

Collin Barry, Macalester College, Department of Chemistry (Bioorganic Chemistry Group) University of Copenhagen

Eric Topel, St. Olaf College, Department of Physics, Neutrons and x-rays for material physics, Technical University of Denmark

Jennifer Chmura, University of Minnesota, Cardiac CT Group, The Heart Centre, Rigshospitalet, University of Copenhagen

Rachael Barton, Whitman College, Cardiac CT Group, The Heart Centre, Rigshospitalet, University of Copenhagen

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