DIS Celebrates Committed Hosts

This year, DIS put on a special celebration for 66 homestay hosts, Danish roommates, and visiting families, who collectively have hosted a total of 1036 DIS students over the past many years!

Many hosts arrived with their current students, and joined DIS staff on honoring their many years as part of the DIS community. Champagne and cake were served, and Mia Priskorn, Host Team Leader at DIS, took the microphone to toast to the group, shared a few heartwarming moments, and stressed the great impact their cultural exchange has had on students.

Homestay hosts Ellinor Bache Andersen and Christa Julin & Henning Bech were both recognized for their commitment to DIS; this semester marks Ellinor’s 116th student, and Christa & Henning’s 50th. Both have made an immense contribution by opening up their homes to DIS students semester after semester.

Malene Torp, Executive Director at DIS, gave a short anecdote about an alumnus she recently met, who talked about the DIS Visiting Family program as a memorable experience and a highlight of the semester. With this, Malene raised a toast to the group to thank and congratulate them on their commitment, and to re-emphasize their importance to our students.

Each homestay, visiting family, and Danish roommate was gifted with an apron embroidered with a DIS logo, as sharing recipes and cooking with students have always been central to the intercultural exchange.

**If you are living in the Copenhagen area and are interested in being a part of the DIS network, click here to find out more information!**

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