DIS Faculty Member Wins First Prize for Innovative App

DIS Communication faculty member Cathrine Gyldensted won first prize last weekend at the annual Reinventing the Media – MediaHackDays hosted in Aarhus, Denmark.

The event invites 100 journalists, digital designers, and programmers from around the world to brainstorm ways to reinvent the future of journalism by blending it with technology.

Cathrine, who teaches Changing the News: Communication and Positive Psychology, first won the initial vote for best concept, for the idea of applying gamification principles to how news journalism is communicated, to capture the attention of young people in news.

Cathrine then teamed up with other participants to form a seven-person group of digital designers and programmers who had to create a tangible product to present to judges within 48 hours. The five judges came from organizations such as The New York Times, CCI Business Consulting, and the World Association of Newspapers, and News Publishers WAN-IFRA.

Cathrine’s group developed a news quiz app called What Happen, and went on to win the entire contest later that weekend.

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