DIS Students Consider ‘Copenhagenization’ with Danish Urban Mobility Expert

Founder of the ‘Cycle Chic’ movement and CEO of Copenhagenize Design, Mikael Coleville-Andersen, recently spoke at DIS regarding his coined topic of ‘Copenhagenization.’

DIS DIS Copenhagen Semester

Mikael collaborates with cities around the world to create urban plans that best facilitate bicycles as a main form of transportation. With this in mind, Mikael presented for students in the Strategies for Urban Livability course, asking them first, how cities are designed, and then, for who. He asked them to critically think about the role of bicycles and cars in cities today. How can a city be designed to promote bicycles?

Mikael shared with students his most important research tool – observation. Watching Copenhagen cyclers and their use of space and infrastructure in the city, has proven to reveal that it is a city designed for cycling, and citizens bike for both practical and social reasons.

The idea of including bicycle culture in urban planning is spreading amongst cities in Europe, and even to the U.S. Many cities are starting from the ground up and have seen significant changes in urban behavior in just six years – a process that took Copenhagen a while longer. Mikael explained that this proves that progress happens quickly, and especially when urban planners have a great example, such as Copenhagen, to imitate. Find an index of Bicycle Friendly Cities ranked in 2013 here.

Following the presentation, students were led by DIS faculty member Bianca Hermansen on a bike tour of Copenhagen, to see some of the urban planning initiatives mentioned in Mikael’s talk.

To read more about Mikael and his mission to Copenhagenize cities across the world, read his blog, Copenhagenize.com.

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