DIS Students Experience Digital Marketing First Hand

DIS students recently created and launched a musical event, titled Copenhagen Groove (CG).

Students in the Digital Media in Marketing course were tasked with creating and marketing an event to promote local musicians. For their project, they started Copenhagen Groove, an evening held at DIS, where specifically selected musicians could perform and get their name out amongst a young population. The first event of the Copenhagen Groove series, held on March 18, included Jean Paul Espinosa, a finalist on Denmark’s The Voice in 2012; Sahra Da Silva, a songwriter from the Jagged Soul; Ingo Stahl, a folk soloist; and Kaia Hjøllund, a Danish singer.

Students created Copenhagen Groove from a strategized marketing plan, which helped them understand the relationship between digital marketing, the success of the event, and the success of the artists. Launching the Copenhagen Groove webpage was a large part of the project, as they created artists profiles and graphics, as well as branded the event in writing. On the day of Copenhagen Groove, students signed guests in with a customized digital application.

DIS faculty Jomar Reyes and Faizan Syed consulted with students throughout the project, giving them support and perspective on how to execute the marketing plan in a professional way. Copenhagen Groove has been a success so far, and the students are eager for the next event at DIS.

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