Global Economics Students Meet Key Actors during Russia’s Peak Political Times

During the first travel break in March, 25 DIS students traveled to Moscow on study tour with DIS faculty Kristian Sørensen and Jon Kyst.

DIS DIS Copenhagen Semester

The Global Economics program’s week-long study tour coincided at a time when decision makers in the Russian capital were at the height of discussion, and students had the opportunity to meet with key actors at the top of the country’s decision making process within politics, finance, diplomacy, educational, and cultural spheres. Global Economics students witnessed significant effects of the conflict in Russia, making the study tour to Moscow a pivotal experience in their understanding of the impact of current world issues.

On the first day in Moscow, students witnessed a massive demonstration of Russians supporting President Putin’s intervention in Ukraine. Days later, the class visited the Russian Central Bank, where staff economist, Dr. Ekaterina Soldatova, shared a surprisingly open briefing. Of particular interest, students learned that the Russian Central Bank was currently spending as much foreign currency from their reserves as they had done during the most intense days of 2008. Students also had the opportunity to meet with Russian students to converse about current political and economic issues. Concluding the tour, students also met with famous Russian opposition journalists who presented a well-researched criticism of the Russian government’s current policies.

To hear more about the tour’s academic and cultural visits, read Helena Chiles’ recount of the week, as the DIS Student Blogger of the Global Economics program.

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