Current DIS Intern Published for Innovative Research

Jessica Lee, current intern of Environmental Science of the Arctic and Sustainability in Europe programs at DIS, has just published her senior thesis paper for publication with Boreas, an international journal of Quaternary research.

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Titled ‘GIS Analysis of Cirques on Vestfirðir, Northwest Iceland: Implication for Paleoclimate,’ the article handles past climate change in Iceland.

As a student from Gettysburg College, Jessica studied with DIS in 2012 in the Sustainability in Europe program.

“I always had an interest in earth systems science and geography. Then I came to DIS and everything changed. I traveled to Greenland on the Optional Study Tour, Ice Cores and Ice Ages: Greenlandic Climate Change Case Study (this course has recently transitioned into a core course for Environmental Science of the Arctic) and I became obsessed with ice. I was particularly inspired by the knowledge of my DIS faculty, Trevor Popp, Sune Rasmussen, and Henning Thing. I had always loved the Polar Regions, so it was really during that semester when my love of science, the arctic, and research, finally tied together.”

Upon returning to Gettysburg, Jessica and her advisor, Sarah Principato, teamed up to strategize her senior thesis. Jessica’s interest in the computer mapping program, Geographical Information Systems (GIS), paired with Sarah’s expertise in glaciology, gave them the unique opportunity to use GIS in cirque analysis in northwest Iceland. This was the first time researchers had the ability to analyze climate change by automating the process of equilibrium-line altitude. Given their significant use of technology, Jessica’s article was published.

Click here to read Jessica’s article and learn more about the science behind climate change in Iceland.

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