Three Danish Experts Debate Denmark’s Global Business Future at DIS

On Friday, Feb 7, a panel of Danish experts was asked to debate Denmark’s ability to compete globally in the future in a panel event called ‘How will Denmark Compete in the Future?’

DIS DIS Copenhagen Semester

In attendance were 140 students from both the International Business and Global Economics programs. On the panel was Leif Bech Fallesen, chairman of the DIS Board of Directors and Business and Economic Commentator for TV2 News; Axel Olesen, former CEO of Institute for Future Studies; and Martin Ågerup, Director of the Center for Political Studies.

DIS faculty and Director, Country, Bank, and Sector at Ekspotr Kredit Fonden, Jørn Sørensen, moderated and heightened the conversation with questions submitted by students prior to the event. Throughout the debate, the three panelists offered several intriguing ideas about Denmark’s economic growth, and in relation to the Danish way of thinking.

The debate became a lively discussion filled with critical and thought-provoking ideas about Danish society and the norms it is built on.

Leif Bech Fallesen shared thought-provoking statistics about Denmark’s growth in gross domestic product (GDP). Denmark’s largest export is evidently at 24%, a high percentage in 2014, when the country is recognized globally for its shipping companies and innovation.

Axel Olesen questioned the plans for development of infrastructure in Denmark, and urged the need to think more on a long-term scale. He used the example of Denmark’s transportation, specifically the railway system, where there has been discussion of building high speed railways between two Danish cities. Axel suggested that Danes instead build a high speed railway that could travel throughout Nordic countries, and therefore, think in a larger way.

Martin Ågerup spoke about a survey taken by Danish parents, where they were asked to rate a list of values most important to pass onto their children. In this survey, Martin noted that “working hard” fell to the bottom of the list. Martin thought this point was crucial to understanding the pressing societal issues within Denmark, considering the structure of the Danish welfare system.

Susanne Hovmand, Program Director of International Business and Global Economics programs, received enthusiastic and constructive feedback from students, who were eager to contribute in developing the event for next semester.

More About the Panelists:

Leif Bech Fallesen, Chairman of the Danish Institute for Study Abroad Board of Directors; Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation; Business and Economic Commentator for TV2 News, Former Editor-in-Chief and CEO of Børsen, Danish Financial Times

Alex Olesen, former CEO of Institute for Futures Studies, self-employed through NextNordic

Martin Ågerup, Director of CEPOS (Center for Political Studies)

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