DIS Faculty Interviewed on ’24syv Morgen’

DIS faculty, Morten Egholm was interviewed recently on the radio show ‘24syv Morgen.’

DIS DIS Copenhagen Semester

Morten was asked his opinion on the rise of the popularity of Scandinavian film internationally. Is it because Scandinavian film is setting a new aesthetic agenda or because it is beginning to imitate Hollywood? Morten concluded that there is a strong evolution towards Hollywood aesthetics, but there are also some new names on the local scene to watch that are continuing to change the face of film here in Scandinavia with fresh styles: Joachim Trier (Norway), Ruben Östlund (Sweden), Dagur Karí (Iceland), and to some extent Tobias Lindholm (Denmark).

You can listen to his interview in Danish here (click forward to 39 minutes into the program).

Morten is a Ph.D. in Film and Media Studies from the University of Copenhagen. He teaches several courses at DIS including Scandinavian Moods in Cinema, Hans Christian Andersen and the Danish Golden Age, and Danish Language and Culture. Next fall, Morten will be teaching two new classes at DIS: Birth of Modern Drama: Ibsen and Strindberg as well as a new core course in the European Humanities program, Modern Frames: European Art and Cinema.

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