DIS Career Event More Popular Than Ever!

DIS Faculty Kimberly Sallingboe hosted the first ‘Applying for International Internships Workshop,’ kicking off the first of our career resources initiatives of the semester.

DIS DIS Copenhagen Semester

The workshop was held for students interested in pursuing internships and short-term work projects while in Copenhagen.

Alongside a discussion on key differences between Danish and American work cultures, students learned how to start applying for positions, find career resources, and navigate cross-culturally in the Danish job market. With their own resumes in hand, students received individual feedback on how to rework their format and content to better fit the Danish curriculum vitae (CV).

With more than 80 students in attendance, the workshop had the largest turnout than ever before, with students from varying academic programs. As a follow up to this workshop, students can look forward to February 19th’s International Career Night, when they will have the opportunity to network with a panel of local professionals from the Copenhagen network, and ask about their experiences of working in intercultural work environments.

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