About DIS

An Innovative Model for Study Abroad

DIS is a non-profit study abroad institution with locations in Copenhagen and Stockholm, offering semester, academic year, and summer programs taught in English. Established in 1959, DIS offers students enrolled in North American universities engaging and challenging coursework enriched by faculty who teach what they do, field studies, hands-on learning opportunities, and study tours across Europe. Cultural engagement opportunities integrate students into the local culture and students gain academic knowledge and intercultural skills to prepare for a globalized world. DIS students are usually undergraduate juniors or seniors from highly selective North American universities.

Why Study Abroad at DIS?

You study abroad to enhance your major, broaden your intellectual horizons, discover Europe, meet the unexpected, have fun, and grow as an individual.

Study abroad at DIS is unique. We will help you meet your aspirations by offering you the following:

Freedom of Academic Choice

With over 300 academically challenging courses to choose from between our Copenhagen and Stockholm locations, as well as semester and summer options, you are able to mix and match courses to meet major requirements and explore new passions.

Europe As Your Classroom

Early in the semester, you will delve into your academic focus during Core Course Week, in which you will travel on a short study tour for three days in Denmark, Sweden, or a neighboring country, combined with a two-day seminar in Copenhagen or Stockholm. Later in the semester, you will travel again with your core course on a week-long study tour in Europe. Additionally, you can take an elective course with an integrated Optional Study Tour, or explore Europe off the beaten track on a DIScovery Trip during two additional breaks.

Experiential Learning

Theory-based courses include a focus on practice through hands-on learning experiences such as field studies throughout Copenhagen or Stockholm, expert guest lecturers, ‘flipped’ classrooms, practicums, real-life case studies, simulation exercises, skill-building workshops, studios, projects with professional critiques, and research labs.

A Holistic Approach to Meeting the Locals

Whether you choose to live in a Homestay, take a course in which you engage with the local community, take a Danish or Swedish Language and Culture course, volunteer in the local community, or meet your Visiting Hosts for an afternoon together; you’ll combine formal and informal learning to build a holistic experience. Our goal is to help you find your own individual way to depart your semester having built strong friendships and connections with the locals.

Focus On You As an Individual

At DIS Stockholm and DIS Copenhagen, the average class size is intimate, with approximately 20 students. With a diverse array of housing options, you have the flexibility to choose a living arrangement that will best fit you.

DIS Faculty Who Teach What They Do

DIS faculty bring real-life expertise from their field into the classroom. Most work as professionals in the areas they teach, giving you direct access to resources and networks both in Copenhagen or Stockholm, and while on study tour. They will introduce you to their network of leading researchers and health professionals, European politicians, innovative business leaders, cutting-edge architects and designers, forward-thinking entrepreneurs, ground-breaking activists, fascinating historians… and the list goes on and on!

Academic Challenges & Opportunities

Challenge yourself to raise questions, follow up on connections you make, examine issues from different perspectives, explore new mindsets, and reflect on your own values and identity through new experiences and discussions. Create your own unique experience by building cross-cultural competencies.